5 Top Personalised Promotional Gifts to Strike a Conversation

customised corporate gifts

Gift giving is an ancient trend which has today penetrated in the modern corporate world. Besides being used in spreading out a message and loyalty to existing clients, customised corporate gifts are being given to strangers and prospective clients to lure them into business.

They can increase their curiosity in your business and market your startups which will ultimately generate leads. Nevertheless, it is essential for the gift to be attractive, practical, and of good quality to catch the attention of your target and maximise your corporates positive impact.

Here are the top five unique promotional gifts in Singapore:

Pin Badges or Button Badges

Pin or button badges give businesses a competitive edge over others. They are affordable, efficient, and versatile in getting your message across. Moreover, they can be pinned anywhere and therefore cuts across all clients demographics.

They are highly visible making them a trendy gift that can be imprinted with the company name or logo. These long-lasting custom badges comes with various sizes and easily personalised with an eye-catching design. Be it a logo, slogan, funny message, or picture, you can attract a stranger’s curiosity, and this will help in striking a conversation.

The badges are vastly applicable in various campaigns including political, product campaigns, and fund-raising. Other areas where button badges can be used to promote your corporate brand are supporting causes and concerts.

Phone PopSockets

Today, a PopSocket is a stylish accessory for anyone with a smartphone. It is a small, plastic gadget that has an adhesive you can stick to the back of a phone. It can be pulled out in an accordion fashion-style and contracted back when not in use.

This customised gift allows the recipients to have a much better grip on their phone making it easier to hold it. It also works as a kickstand for the smartphone when you need to use the phone in reading, texting, watching content, and even playing games. Furthermore, people use them for wrapping around the headphones.

PopSockets are a new fling that almost everyone has heard about. Nonetheless, not everyone owns it, there gifting a stranger with it can be an ideal way to start a discussion. With different colours and a suitable imprinting area, you can custom PopSocket to suit the recipients’ taste. Since most people own smartphones, PopSockets are promotional gifts in Singapore that can suit a large group of clients and can be distributed in trade shows and exhibitions.

Recyclable Eco Notepad or Memopad

Customised eco notepad is one of the effective ways to keep your business’ name in front of prospective customers. Similar to a miniature billboard, a custom recyclable notepad can repeatedly display your marketing message and thus help in keeping your corporate market top-of-mind for months or longer.

Moreover, in a world, where eco friendly gift ideas  are being advocated for, the recyclability of this notepad or memopad can be an ideal way to begin chats especially with individuals who have a keen interest in the environment.

Besides being useful tools for brand promotion and awareness, the benefits of a notepad are substantial. Virtually everybody appreciates a handy pad of paper for use at the office, school, or home. Moreover, they are simple and relatively low-tech and therefore, they won’t break, require batteries, or need instructions to use.

Overall, custom memopad is economical to produce and have a large printing area for nearly any promotional message. They are durable and easy to distribute, making them well-suited for trade show giveaways and for sales representatives to hand out to prospective customers.

Stress ball

From work, business, to family, stress is essentially a part of life. Cognizant of that fact, stress balls are becoming a sort of a trend making it an effective marketing tool since they can help strangers relate with your brand. Since they are highly portable, you can have one in your hand to give out to the attendees of the event. And be amazed by how you can stop them to have a conversation with.

The stress balls are designed in various shapes such as animal shapes, apples, hearts, and basketball. The idea is to come up with shapes that align with your products or services. For instance, if you deal with pets, you can choose animal shaped stress balls.

Custom stress ball also come in different colours, and thus you can select a colour that blends in with your insignia. They have a sizeable printing area where you can print encouraging messages, company slogan, or logo. This make them a top choice for promotional gifts printing.

Stress balls are versatile with regards to the clients who can use them. They are practical for young people, adults, and even the aged can still use them. That’s because stress transverses all population demographics. You can satisfy every segment of your clients by simply customising stress ball to suit each segment. They can be handed out in promotional events, conferences, or even by sales reps.

Drawstring Pouch For Samples Giveaway

Drawstring pouch are a unique promotional corporate gifts for all types of events including sales meeting and trade shows. They are useful and incredibly cost-effective. It is a practical packaging for any samples you wish to give away during the events. With its easy-carry feature, it offers you with the exposure wherever the recipient goes.

With custom pouch on hand, recipients would feel like they are a part of the company’s family. Which eventually build customer loyalty and increase sales. Their lightweight, versatile, and durability make them an excellent carrier for future usage.

Hence, unlike other plastic packaging that are quickly tossed away, these bags can stand the test of time. Recipients will be attracted by this thoughtful packaging which therefore willing to stop by for your pitch. Furthermore they will reminded of your sample products that are being packed in this drawstring pouch every time this pouch is used.

The takeaway

In a world where nothing comes free, customised corporate gifts can help you create an excellent first impression with strangers. Further by building a nice attachment, and create and nurture relationships. They can entice people to your business, create enduring customer relationships, and increase your sales. With TREA, it is never a challenge to customise a gift that makes your clients remember you.